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Operation services

Get access to the complete set of modules of Software Vulnerability Manager: Research, Assessment and Patching.

Reduce exposure to hacks:

Track the latest Secunia Research to drive and complete the remediation efforts, and effectively reduce your exposure to hacks.

Stay informed:

Get advisories, alerts, tickets, reports and visibility into software vulnerability and security patches to react faster.

Pinpoint ALL your unpatched applications:

Discover and assess the patch status and remediate over 20,000 applications.

Automate patch processes:

Reduce patch overhead and shorten time to patch with process and task automation.

ITSM Tickets and workflows:

Create ServiceNow and BMC Remedy tickets to track vulnerabilities from advisory to remediation.

 Some of the typical skills we work in this area includes:  

  • Security Compliant
  • Data Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Network Security